'I’ve worked with Pete now for two years. I initially needed a coach for my first Ironman as I was a complete novice to triathlon having never taken part in a triathlon, swam since school or cycled on a road bike. We worked hard together at the beginning of the plan to perfect my routine and fit it around my full time job to get the best out of me as an athlete and Pete as my coach - and hence our potential together. What seemed alien to me at the start - like the idea of training both in the morning and after work - soon became normality and part of my typical routine in order to achieve my goals of a strong finish and enjoyable race. 

It didn’t take Pete long to work out what I was capable of physically and what I could achieve given my life outside of training so he was able to work out the perfect balance between pushing me hard enough without overworking me. My plan was flexible and adaptable when I needed changes to be made or if I had trips abroad booked in. 

Coach and I communicate as little or as often as needed. My plan is always ready to review for the week ahead and I get training notes that focus on a different element for me to learn each week from a broad range of topics e.g. pre race nerves, nutrition, swim technique and pedal stroke. 

The success of our coach and athlete relationship meant I managed to over achieve my goals and expectations in my first Ironman by qualifying for the Long Distance Triathlon World Champs to represent GBR in my age group, which I have just taken part in, again with Pete as my coach. Representing GBR has been a life long goal of mine and I couldn’t have got there without Pete’s support and guidance. He had led me on a journey from a complete beginner to a GBR age group athlete so I have a lot to thank him for!

I’ve gone into both races injury free, more knowledgable, experienced, confident and with the peace of mind that I’ve done everything within my ability to prepare mentally and physically for the race. I wouldn’t want to start any race any other way! ’

Marina Ranger, Business Operations Manager, Ironman Nice finisher 2017 and ITU Long Course Championship 2018 (6th in Age Group)


'My Marathon goal was to challenge a sub 4hr time and {Peter] certainly gave me the confidence in my running ability to do that. I would highly recommend Peter for anyone who wants to push themselves in a structured manner with the confidence that his plan and support really work! I got injuries along the way and Peter was on hand to answer questions which was very reassuring and enabled me to remain confident. I crossed the finish line in 3hrs 55 so I achieved my goal and I'm not sure it would have been possible without Peters guidance and training schedule. Thank you Peter for not only writing a very easy and simple programme to follow but also your support throughout the process'  

Alex B Simpson, full-time parent and London marathon finisher 2017


'Thank you so much for working with me to train for NY and London [Marathons] I really relied on you for guidance throughout both and I know your involvement played a big role in my being able to complete two marathons this year' 

Sara Cisco,  London and New York marathon finisher 2017 and NYC Half Marathon (PB) Finisher 2018

'Peter was a new addition this year to the service we provide to our team of 100 runners in the London Marathon. His contribution has been absolutely invaluable – the training plans he designed for us were concise, easy to follow and effective, and he went above and beyond to engage with our runners on our team Facebook page, offering them in depth, personalised advice on a regular basis. I have no doubt that his involvement has hugely improved the runners’ experience with us, and we look forward to working with Peter again in the future.’

                                               Lucie Abberley, Events Executive, The Outward Bound Trust.