Why EiM | Coaching?

  A shared passion to improve and support you to achieve your potential through smart training. Accessible, adaptable and flexible coaching for all levels of athlete.

The EiM | Coaching method

Coaching methods address the five key principles of performance. Through identifying the athlete's needs, strengths and limitations I work to help athletes not only improve but thrive in their chosen endurance sport.

Coaching options

Online virtual or in-person coaching with comprehensive, tailored options for all competitive levels and abilities. I work to provide race-specific plans with every program designed specifically for you to meet your goals and life situation.

[Ironman racing mindset] ... all that stuff that you have it lasts about 3 hours of Ironman racing ... you get worn down to the point where it doesn’t work anymore, you can’t pump yourself up ... the most powerful tool you can ingrain in your athlete is to help them quiet their minds
— Mark Allen, six time Ironman Word Champion